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TESL-EJ Media Review Procedures

Publishers and ESL Website Designers

We have at least 10,000 readers every month! We want your materials for review. Please send two copies of your materials to Arlyn Freed, the Media Review Editor, at the address listed below.

Media Review Writers

If you are interested in writing a review, please contact Arlyn Freed, Media Review Editor <>, for review materials and information. Please include a short résumé that demonstrates your qualifications to conduct the review. Since review materials are both received and sent out for review on an ongoing basis, please check for updated information.

After receiving a package for review, we ask that a draft of the review be submitted no more than four weeks later. Please refer to the guidelines below, as well as the text specifications outlined in Submission Procedures and APA Formatting. Reviewers may keep their copies of the software. We are sorry that no other compensation can be provided.

Media Review Guidelines

Please note that due to the wide variety of language learning media that are available, the following guidelines should not be looked upon as strict rules, but rather as a set of general suggestions. Some of these points may not apply to a given product or website, and media review authors are encouraged to use their own judgment about what to include and how to format it. If in doubt, please contact the media review editor to discuss the issue.

In general, media reviews should include the following:

  1. A table of basic information at the beginning of the review (keeping in mind that not all of these categories may apply, while others that are not listed might).

    Titleinclude version number if applicable
    Author If applicable/ascertainable
    Contact informationIf the product is commercially available software, provide the publisher's contact information; if it is a website, provide the URL
    Type of producte.g., "Grammar practice website," "Pronunciation CD-ROM," etc.
    PlatformMac, Windows, Linux, cross-platform, other? (May be omitted for websites)
    Minimum hardware requirementsOS Version, memory, processor speed, etc.
    PriceIf applicable, including type of currency accepted
    ISBNIf applicable

  2. References to appropriate CALL, SLA, or pedagogical literature as appropriate.
  3. A general description of the product (what is it and what does it try to do?)
  4. An evaluation of the product (how well does it achieve its purpose, for whom might it be beneficial, does it have any shortcomings?)
  5. The reviewer's name, contact information, and institutional affiliation.

Contact Information

Questions, comments, submissions of materials for review, and any other inquiries regarding TESL-EJ Media Reviews should be directed to:

Ms. Arlyn Freed
Media Review Editor, TESL-EJ
Delaware County Community College
Dept CAH, #4310
Media, PA 19063
E-mail: <>