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Front Matter (FM)
TESL-EJ Vol. 2 No. 3 January 1997

From the Editor(FM-1)
Editorial Board(FM-2)
Call for Manuscripts(FM-3)
Book Review Policy(FM-5)
Books Received (with brief notes)(FM-6)
Media Received for Review(FM-9)

From The Editor

Greetings to our growing Internet community!

Welcome again to another issue of TESL-EJ. Our support and popularity continues to grow, and for this we are grateful.

However, with growth comes growing pains. The workload increases for all, and the space needed to operate business expands.

The first casualty is the resignation of our Media Review Editor, Michael Feldman. Michael was instrumental not only as an Editor, but as one of the founders and organizers of TESL-EJ. We thank him immensely for his service to the journal and to the ESL/EFL global community. We also wish him luck now that he's back in Boston.

Claire Kramsch, an Editorial Board member from Berkeley, has also resigned because of her always busy schedule. We thank her as well for her contributions to the journal.

Joining us is Donna Lardiere, Assistant Professor from Georgetown University. We welcome her presence as the newest Board member.

Another casualty is our server space. We will be moving from Berkeley's "violet" server over the next several months. The good news is, we will be on our own server, with lots of space, and no need to move, I hope, for a very long time. In the meantime, remember you can find us in Bremen and Kyoto, not just Berkeley. Again, stay tuned for news.

You'll find a full issue this time--and a good one. I hope you enjoy it, and welcome your comments.


Maggie Sokolik
<> [-1-]

Editor: Maggie Sokolik University of California, Berkeley

Book Review Editor: Suzanne Irujo Boston University

Forum Editor: Janet Sutherland University of Bremen

Media Review Editor: Michael Feldman Boston University

On the Internet Editor: Jim Duber Internet/Multimedia Consultant

Technical Editor: Thomas Robb Kyoto Sangyo University

Assistant Editor: Ron Corio Virginia Commonwealth University

Editorial Board

Neil Anderson, Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio University

Zoltan Dornyei, Dept. of English Applied Linguistics, Eotvos University

Susan Foster-Cohen, The British Institute in Paris

Sharon Hilles, Dept. of English, California State Polytechnic University

Robert B. Kaplan, Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Southern California

Barbara Kennedy-Souza, Bentley College

Donna Lardiere, Georgetown University

Andrew Littlejohn,Institute of Education, University of London

P. B. Nayar, University of Humberside

David Nunan, English Centre, University of Hong Kong

Jack Richards, University of Auckland

John Schumann, Dept. of TESL & Applied Linguistics, Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Mary Lee Scott, Linguistics Dept., Brigham Young University

Larry Selinker, Dept. of Applied Linguistics, Univ. of London, Birkbeck College

Bernard Spolsky, Bar-Ilan University

Roly Sussex, Centre for Language Teaching & Research, Univ. of Queensland


Call for Manuscripts

TESL-EJ is a refereed electronic journal publishing articles in the research and practice of the teaching of English as a second or foreign language. TESL-EJ welcomes, for quarterly publication, studies in ESL/EFL pedagogy, second language acquisition, language assessment, applied socio-and psycholinguistics, and other related areas.

TESL-EJ accepts full length articles (include an abstract of no more than 150 words) and solicited and unsolicited reviews of books and other media. The Forum, a vehicle for discussion of topics of interest, also invites contributions. Query the appropriate editor for more information.

Submissions should conform generally to the American Psychological Association (4th Edition) format. Please obtain a copy of the full formatting procedures before submitting (see the bottom of this message). All initial submissions must be in "hard" ASCII (ASCII plus hard returns) text files preferably sent by e-mail to the appropriate editor.

Those without e-mail access may submit their manuscripts on a 1.4MB 3.5inch diskette in either MS-DOS or Macintosh format. The editors reserve the right to return poorly edited or improperly formatted manuscripts. Hard-copy only submissions cannot be accepted or returned.

Correspondence and submissions should be directed to the following persons at the e-mail or postal addresses (for diskette submissions only) shown below:

Full-length articles & general correspondence
Maggie Sokolik,
Editor, TESL-EJ

Book reviews
Suzanne Irujo,
Book Review Editor,TESL-EJ

Media reviews
Maggi Sokolik,
Editor, TESL-EJ

Forum and Discussion
Janet Sutherland,
Forum Editor, TESL-EJ


Contact Addresses for Editors

Maggie Sokolik          Suzanne Irujo
College Writing Programs    LinguaConcepts
Univ. of California         269 Knowles Hill Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94720          Alexandria, NH 03222
USA                         USA
phone:+1 510.642.5570       Phone:+1 603-744-8371
fax:+1 510.642.6963         Fax:+1 603-744-8371

Janet Sutherland
Department of English
University of Bremen,
Foreign Language Center

You can get APA Style Guidelines by sending a message to <LISTSERV@CMSA.BERKELEY.EDU>, with the following message:


Do not include any other information in the message[-4-]

Book Review Policy

TESL-EJ welcomes book reviews and review essays of scholarly works and textbooks dealing with English teaching, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, language assessment, applied socio- and psycholinguistics, or related disciplines. Anyone interested in reviewing a book for TESL-EJ may do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Choose a recent book in the field, write a review of it, and submit it to the Book Review Editor.
  2. Choose a book from the list of Books Received and contact the Book Review Editor to obtain a review copy. Then write the review and submit it to the Book Review Editor.
  3. Send a copy of your CV to the Book Review Editor, along with a list of areas in which you would be willing to write reviews. When we receive an appropriate book that we would like to have reviewed, we will contact you.

In all cases, reviews will be considered for publication on the basis of the quality of the evaluation and description of the book, and the relevance and importance of the book to the field.

Please obtain a copy of the Review Style Guidelines before submitting a review. Guidelines, review copies, and further information are available from:

Suzanne Irujo
TESL-EJ Book Review Editor
269 Knowles Hill Rd.
Alexandria, NH 03222

Phone:   +1 603-744-8371
Fax:     +1 603-744-8371
<> [-5-]

Books Received

The following books have been received and are available for review. Contact the Book Review Editor ( for more information.

Becijos, Jeanne B.(1995).Global Views: A Multicultural Reader with Language Exercises. San Diego, CA: Dominie Press, Inc. ISBN 1-56270-422-2.Pp.x + 94.US $9.95 (paper).

An ESL worktext containing readings based on tales, biographies, geographical, and cultural information from 30 different countries.Each reading is accompanied by two exercises, one grammatical and the second based on a language skill such as pronunciation, capitalization, punctuation, vocabulary or spelling.

Bennett, Frederick (1996).Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education. [Online].World Wide Web:

The book proposes a sharp change in present education practices, with computers relaying all basic information to students.It shows how human instructors would become even more important if they could be relieved of the many time-consuming chores that they now perform.The book also advances reasons why computers, despite their immense potential, have had little impact in most K-12 education until now, as evidenced by lack of significant gains in test scores.

Blanchard, Karen, and Christine Root (1996).For Your Information 1: Basic Reading Skills and For Your Information 2: Intermediate Reading Skills. White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-83409-X; 0-201-82538-4.Pp.viii +212; viii + 216.US $13.50 each (paper).

These books present exciting reading from authentic sources on topics universally popular with adult students. They feature thematically organized selections that help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills, vocabulary skills exercises, reading skills exercises, and a reading journal that integrates reading and writing.

Burton, Eric, and Lois Maharg (1995).Going Places: Picture-Based English. Books 1 and 2.White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-82525-2; 0-201-82526-0.ix + 195; ix + 211.US $9.00 each (paper).

These two books form a complete two-level course designed to help beginning students develop the practical language they need to function effectively at work, in the community, and in everyday situations.The course integrates topical, life skill and grammatical strands.Teachers Manuals and cassettes are also available for each book. [-6-]

Cameron, Penny (1995).Bridge Across the Caribbean: Favorite Stories. San Diego, CA: Dominie Press, Inc.ISBN 1-56270-289-0. Pp.ix + 86.US $9.95 (paper).

The third in the "Bridge Across" series, this book brings together tales from the Caribbean with activities, exercises, and narrative.It is suitable for limited English proficient adults and young adults.

Esarey, Gary (1997).Pronunciation Exercises for English as a Second Language. 2nd ed.Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. ISBN 0-472-08376-7.Pp.viii + 132.US $16.95 (paper).

This book is intended to help intermediate and advanced students who have mastered the basic sound system of English but still make errors on certain sounds and stress and intonation patterns.The second edition has been revised based on classroom use to improve its effectiveness.

Feare, Ronald E.(1996).Everyday Idioms for Reference and Practice. Book 1.White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-83408-1.Pp.vii + 168. US $11.00 (paper).

Containing over 700 common idioms organized into thematic categories, this book provides opportunities for listening, speaking and writing practice to allow students to move from recognizing and understanding idioms to using them more fluently.Definitions, examples, and notes on usage and grammatical structure are included.A cassette is also available.

Folse, Keith S.(1996).Beginning Reading Practices: Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.ISBN 0-472-08394-5.Pp.xvi + 140.US $15.95 (paper).

The goals of this book are to develop vocabulary, to teach skills that will help students deal with unfamiliar vocabulary, to teach reading skills at a beginning level, to develop and use those skills through sequential practice, and to give students reading passages at an appropriate level so they can apply their new skills.

Gebhard, Jerry G.(1996).Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: A Teacher Self-development and Methodology Guide. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.ISBN 0-472-08231-0.Pp.280. US $24.95; GB Lb19.95 (paper).

This book combines ESL/EFL methodology with teacher self- development, covering exploration of teaching, classroom interaction and management, teaching materials and media, culture and the sojourning teacher, as well as how language instructors can teach students listening,[-7-] conversation, reading, and writing skills.It can be used as a text in pre-service teaching programs and in-service development programs, or independently by those not formally trained in TESOL, or by teachers wishing to increase their teaching skills.

Hampton-Brown Into English! series:

Bunting, Eve (1988).How Many Days to America?.Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books.ISBN 1-56334-734-2.Pp.32.

Cox, David (1984).Ayu and the Perfect Moon.Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books. ISBN 1-56334-691-5.Pp.24.

King, Elizabeth (1995).Chile Fever: A Celebration of Peppers.Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books.ISBN 1-56334-733-4.Pp.32.

Paulsen, Gary (1995).The Tortilla Factory.Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books.ISBN 1-56334-687-7.Pp.32.

Tinajero, Josefina Villamil, and Alfredo Schifini (1997).Into English!.

Level C Teacher's Guide (grade 2).Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books. ISBN 1-56334-694-X.Pp.T46 + 306.

Tinajero, Josefina Villamil, and Alfredo Schifini (1997).Into English!.

Level F Teacher's Guide (grade 5).Carmel, CA: Hampton-Brown Books. ISBN 1-56334-694-X.Pp.T46 + 310.

These are components of a K-6 ESL program that uses grade-level content and authentic literature as vehicles for language development.In addition to the teacher's guides and literature books that we have samples of, the complete program includes visuals, manipulatives, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs, various student practice books, and an ESL library.

Harris, Tim, and Allan Rowe (1995).Exploring English. Books 1, 3, and 4; Workbook 1.White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-82575-9 (Book 1); 0-201-82577-5 (Book 3); 0-201-82578-3 (Book 4).;x + 148 (Book 1); v + 88 (Workbook 1); x + 159 (Book 2); x + 162 (Book 3); 0-201- 82593-7 (Workbook 1).US $9.00 (all books); $6.25 (workbook) (paper).

These books are part of a comprehensive, fully-illustrated six-level series that teaches all four language skills from the beginning.The series features communicative, student-centered activities, with pair work, role plays, group work and free response exercises.Workbooks, Teacher's Manuals and cassettes are available for each book in the series.

Heyer, Sandra (1996).True Stories in the News: A Beginning Reader.2nd ed.White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-84660-8 (book); 0-201-89882-9 (cassette).Pp.ii + 94.US $11.50 (paper); $20.00 (cassette).

This book consists of 22 readings based on human-interest stories adapted from newspapers and magazines.The second edition includes new and updated material.The vocabulary, reading skills, discussion, and writing exercises having been improved based on classroom experiences with the first edition.

Johnson, Lisa, Lynn Levey, and Elizabeth Chafcouloff.Apply Yourself: English for Job Search SucessWhite Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-87684-1.Pp.viii + 232.US $9.70 (paper).

This book prepares students for the challenges they will face in today's job market; it integrates language, skills and cultural concepts; focuses on current issues of the job search; offers listening selections on audiocassette that focus on real job-search situations; and provides communicative, interactive activities.

Kadden, Judi (1996).Traveling through Idioms: An Exercise Guide to the World of American Idioms. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press.ISBN 0-472-08354-6.Pp.xviii + 166.US $17.95; GB Lb14.95 (paper).

Designed to help intermediate and advanced learners of English cope with idiomatic language, this book presents idioms in an entertaining travelogue format.It can be used with students of all types in various classroom settings.

Lawrence, Mary S.(1996)Writing as a Thinking Process. 2nd ed.Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.ISBN 0-472-08368-6.Pp.xvi + 251.US $18.95 (paper).

Completely revised, this second edition is designed to make intermediate and advanced students comfortable with expository writing.It teaches them how to think about writing and how to write their own thoughts, and makes them actively aware of the writing process.It is especially useful in academic, professional, and business settings.

Longman Grammar Series:

Schoenberg, Irene E.(1994).Focus on Grammar: A Basic Course for Reference and Practice. White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-65681-7.Pp.xvi + 530.US $18.50 (paper).


Fuchs, Marjorie, Miriam Westheimer, with Margaret Bonner (1994). Focus on Grammar: An Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice.White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201- 65685-X.Pp.xii + 403.US $18.50 (paper).

Fuchs, Marjorie, and Margaret Bonner (1995). Focus on Grammar: A High-Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice.White Plains,NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201- 65689-2.Pp.xv +393.US $18.50 (paper).

Maurer, Jay (1995). Focus on Grammar: An Advanced Course for Reference and Practice. White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-65693-0.Pp.xv +346.US $18.50 (paper).

This four-level series presents English grammar through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities.It features communicative practice, exercises for self-study, clear presentation of grammar, concise grammar explanations, and a testing program.Workbooks, cassettes, and teacher's manuals are also available.

Mendelsohn, David J., and Joan Rubin, eds.(1995). A Guide for the Teaching of Second Language Listening. San Diego, CA:Dominie Press, Inc.ISBN 1-56270-404-6.Pp.236.US $17.95 (paper).

This is a collection of ten papers that present current thinking in the field of second language listening.The book provides an understanding of how people listen, the listening process itself, and recommendations for teaching listening comprehension.Each chapter is followed by study questions.

Nuttall, Christine (1996).

Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language, 2nd ed. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.ISBN 0-435-24057-9. + 282.US $29.50 (paper).
This second edition of a popular teacher resource book examines the skills requiredto read effectively, focuses on getting the message from the text, suggests classroom strategies for developing reading skills, looks at linguistic and non-linguistic features of texts, and includes a new chapter on testing reading.

Phillips, Deborah (1996).Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test. White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-89899-3.Pp.xv + 336. (paper)

This book is designed for intermediate students who are not yet ready for the level of materials found on the actual TOEFL test, but are interested in beginning to prepare for it.It contains diagnostic pre-tests, skills and strategies, post-tests, two practice tests, answer sheets and scoring information.A cassette and User's Guide are also available.

Phillips, Deborah (1996).Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test, Volume A: Skills and Strategies; Volume B: Practice Tests.2nd ed. White Plains, NY: Longman.ISBN 0-201-84676-4; 0-201-84961-5. US $17.00 (Vol.A); $13.00 (Vol.B) (paper).

This two-volume set provides everything that high intermediate and advanced students need to increase their scores on the TOEFL and the TWE.The second edition of Volume A includes more skills and strategies, test-like exercises, pre- and post-tests, a practice test, and sample answer sheets.Volume B includes practice tests based on the revised TOEFL.Cassettes and User's Guides are also available.

Williamson, Julia A., and Jill C.Vincent (1996). Film Is Content: A Study Guide for the Advanced ESL Classroom.Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.ISBN 0-472- 98330-9.Pp.vii + 215.US $16.95 (paper).

This is a guide for film interpretation and discussion for high intermediate and advanced students.It is arranged by genre and theme into units of four films each, and demonstrates the interconnectedness of a wide variety of films.

Previously Announced Titles

The following books, announced in previous issues of TESL-EJ, are still available for review. Please refer to those issues, or contact the Book Review Editor, for complete descriptions of these books:

Archibald, John (ed). Phonological Acquisition and Phonological Theory.

Budwig, Nancy. A Developmental-Functionalist Approach to Child Language.

Cavusgil, Sharon L. The Road to Healthy Living.

Escamilla, Kathy et al. Instrumento de observacion de los logros de la lecto-escritura inicial: Spanish Reconstruction of An Observation Survey; A Bilingual Text.

Fountain, Susan. Education for Development: A Teacher's Resource for Global Learning.

Gass, Susan, & Natalie Lefkowitz. Varieties of English.

Kluger-Bell, Barry, & The School in the Exploratorium.The Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure.[-11-]

Mazuka, Reiko, & Noriko Nagai.Japanese Sentence Processing. Morgan, James L., & Katherine Demuth (Eds.)Signal to Syntax: Bootstrapping from Speech to Grammar in Early Acquisition.

Powell, Mark. Business Matters: The Business Course with a Lexical Approach.

Routman, Regie. Literacy at the Crossroads: Crucial Talk About Reading, Writing, and Other Teaching Dilemmas.

Whalen, Gloria.Prepositions Illustrated.

Zaslavsky, Cla


TESL-EJ Media Reviews

The following media packages have been received for review. Anybody wishing to write a review of one of these should contact the Editor for a review copy.

Maggie Sokolik

Media Received for Review

Dynamic English 1, 2, and 3. Basic English CD-ROM series (2 disks per level, 6 disks total). Written for Japanese speakers. Mac and IBM compatible. DynEd International.

Previously Announced Media

    1. Accent English (Accent Reduction for Greek Speakers) cassettes

    2. All in One Language Fun, the Playing with Language Series. CD-ROM for ages 3-12 for learning Spanish, French, German, Japanese and English. Mac and IBM compatible. Syracuse Language Systems Program.

    3. English for Hispanic Children (audio tapes with activity book)

    4. Learning English: Home and Family & Neighborhood Life. (2 CD-ROMs) for ages 4-adult. Mac and IBM compatible. Conter Software.

    5. Success with English, J. Norton, Pubs. Four audio cassettes, four videos, and four booklet Editor's Note: Dashed numbers in square brackets indicate the end of each page in the paginated ASCII version of this article, which is the definitive edition. Please use these page numbers when citing this work.[-13-]