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TESL-EJ Vol. 2. No. 2 September 1996

Front Matter (FM)

From the Editor (FM-1)
Editorial Board (FM-3)
Call for Manuscripts (FM-4)
Book Review Policy (FM-6)
Books Received (with brief notes) (FM-7)
Media Received for Review (FM-10)


Analytic and Systemic Analyses of Computer-Supported Language Learning Environments (A-1)

Joy L. Egbert & Leonard M. Jessup(24p)



Review of Business Materials (R-1)
Reviewed by Susana Christie


Teacher Resource Books

Cummins, Jim and Dennis Sayers, Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks (R-2)
Reviewed by Linda Foley-Vinay

Genesee, Fred (Ed.), Educating Second Language Children: The Whole Child, the Whole Curriculum, The Whole Community (R-3)
Reviewed by Patricia Prinz

Routman, Regie, Invitations: Changing as Teachers and Learners K-12
Routman, Regie, The Blue Pages: Resources for Teachers (R-4)
Reviewed by Robert Retherford

Weinstein-Shr, Gail & Elizabeth Quintero (Eds.), Immigrant Learners and Their Families (R-5)
Reviewed by Christina Hvitfeldt


Adegbija, Efurosibina, Language Attitudes in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Sociolinguistic Overview (R-6)
Reviewed by Augustus Kwaa

Gupta, Anthea Fraser, The Step-tongue: Children's English in Singapore
Reviewed by Susan Gwee

Media Reviews

Triple Play Plus! English (MR-1)
Reviewed by Vicky Passion Graff

TOEFL Mentor (MR-2)
Reviewed by Thomas N. Robb

The Conference Watcher (CW)

Current Version direct from NLLIA
October 1996 Listings

On the Internet

Shockwave Rules (INT)
Jim Duber

Abstracts of Articles

Analytic and Systemic Analyses of Computer-Supported Language Learning Environments (A-1)

Joy L. Egbert & Leonard M. Jessup(24p)

One essential component of a theory of CALL, and one which teachers, researchers, and technology can influence, is the learning environment. Research has made it clear that the classroom environment plays an important role in learning. Unfortunately, the definition of essential environmental characteristics and the interaction among them is not clear. In this study, learner perceptions of a "package" of salient dimensions of an ideal computer-supported language learning environment were measured. Analytic and systemic analyses of learner perceptions indicated that learners perceive their learning environments in unexpected ways and that the technology has an impact on these perceptions in that it allows the classroom to be "individualized" in ways not possible without it. Also discussed are implications for task construction and grouping and the importance of learner perceptions to an understanding of computer-supported language learning environments.
Keywords: CALL, SLA, learning environment, teaching

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